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The biggest Rocket League pricelist, updated daily. Rocketprices is made to give everyone a better experience on Rocket League while trading, to make sure everone knows the prices before they accept their deal, updated by active and professional traders. If you want to report any prices, please come in our Discord.

Getting started.
1) Select your platform, it's not super important to select the one your on, as you will be able to change the platform later; but it's recommended to select your own platform.

2) When clicked, you will be redirected to the list with prices. Keep in mind, we don't price all the items, but the ones we feel like we should. Mostly the ones under one key isn't priced.

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Ready to move on? Join our Discord to meet thousands of traders. Our Discord community has many different channels from trading to just finding people to play with. Come join us.

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 Steam group.
Join our Steam-group to find PC players to trade with. We also post updates there, so if you're interseed in finding good deals, this is the right place for you to be in.

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