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Launching Rocketprices V3.

It's been a while since our last big update, but damn its right about time we did something.

What's changed?

The most noticable change is our design, but we've also done a massive job by rewriting Rocketprices from scratch.
The last design's code was extremly messy - making the loadingtime on the website much longer. We also made sure to make it easier to use for phone users. This update made viewing items for you a lot easier!

We added a better favicon to our website. From now on, if you have Rocketprices as an application on your phone or tablet, the icon will be a lot better. (The favicon was released before v3 update - so you might have seen it before.)

The feature of selecting rarity in our filtering has been taken away at this moment for styling. We do not know when it will come back - but it will come back for sure.

Painted prices

Visible changes to painted items,
From now on, you will not be able to see the text "Painted Prices" when scrolling through Rocketprices.

- but how do I know if the item is painted or not then?
If theres an item that's painted, it will have a   (spraycan) visible on it, with a blue background > meaning you can click the item to open the painted prices modal.

When opening the modal, there will no longer be a black background behind it due to a recent bug that was discovered before this release. We can't make a word on it coming back within the first few weeks, but we'll try to add something back later.

Rocketprices Dictionary

We felt like we had to.. so we did.

You can now click words that has this color on it to view what it means > it's usually used on words such as slangs or things we belive is difficult for people to understand - such as favicon.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated!

We would not have been able to release Rocketprices V3 without our amazing Beta Tester's feedback in our Discord.

A huge thanks to everyone that has helped us on Instagram too! You made the new update special.