2016 - 2019

It's time. We've all seen it coming, but we've never done anything about it.. until now.

Today we're announcing that after three years of being the most used pricelist, helping people discover the item values, and having an amazing community, we will be shutting down Rocketprices the upcoming month. We're proud of the community that rallied around Rocketprices and are inspired by the incredible people that have been here since day one, and those who have continued on their own path.

While it's sad to say goodbye to the community, I'm eager to put my heart into expanding my other projects, and hopefully get them as successful as Rocketpries once used to be.

Website stats from our time:

Total users:  5,934,770
Pageviews:  76,705,326
Merch income:  $3,100
Money given out from giveaways:  $2,175

Audun Hilden

Audun Hilden

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