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  1 year anniversary
Hello everyone,
What I'm typing now, is something I never thought I was ever going to type on Rocketprices.

It's amazing what we've accomplished so far, and further on.
Rocketprices has proven to be the best pricelist for the game Rocket League © - and the oldest one that still exists. To show how thankful we are to the community, and our 300.000 unique users (4,205,436) total registered users, we're going to host a giveaway.

The giveaway will be on:

260 keys
2 Beta Nuggets
Total of $436.

only for Playstation users

Take me to the giveaway!

10th: 20 keys
9th: 20 keys
8th: 20 keys
7th: 20 keys
6th: 20 keys
5th: 20 keys
4th: 20 keys
3rd: 30 keys
2nd: 30 keys and 1 beta nugget
1st: 50 keys and 1 beta nugget

How to participate:
  • Follow @rocketprices
  • Mention two friends that play rocket league on the last picture
  • Like the picture
  • Follow @audunrp
This giveaway couldn't be done without our awesome users.
Big shoutout to everyone listed under:

  • Johnz12321 The Pigeon Man
  • j4m35